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Advisory Services  – Terms and Conditions

By purchasing an advisory session (“Advisory Session”) from Lucalex Holdings Inc. (“Lucalex”), you agree as follows:

  1. Single Sesson: You acknowledge that you are purchasing a single Advisory Session for the duration set out on the booking website. The session only includes a meeting with a Lucalex representative.  For clarity, and without restriction, it does not include review of documents or preparation time before the session, nor does it include any reporting or other documents once the session is done. 
  2. Disclaimer:  The Advisory Session reflects the opinions of Lucalex as expressed by those representatives engaging in the session with you.  The information is provided on an “as is, where is” basis without representations or warranties of any kind.  The information is for educational purposes only.  You rely on it at your own risk. The information provided during the Advisory Session is not a substitute for professional advice (including legal, accounting, and tax advice).  
  3. No Guarantees:  Lucalex in no way represents, warranties, or guarantees that by relying on, or utilizing, the information or advice provided during the Advisory Session, that your business endeavor will attain certain financial metrics or profit levels.   You acknowledge that you are responsible for all decisions you make in connection with opening and operating your business.  You further acknowledge that starting a business is risky. You understand and accept that risk.
  4. Liability Limitation: Lucalex’s liability under the contract created herein shall be strictly limited to FOUR HUNDRED CANADIAN DOLLARS (CAD $400.00).  
  5. Governing Law: The contract created herein is governed by the laws of Ontario, and the laws of Canada, as applicable without regard to the conflicts of law requirements from other jurisdiction.  All disputes arising from the contract herein shall be irrevocably submitted to the courts of the Province of Ontario, Canada.  You hereby attorn to the exclusive jurisdiction of those courts.

Advisory Session

In this one-hour session, you will have access to our 20+ years of experience in the Canadian business environment. 

During the session, we will understand the challenges you have been facing with your business and advise you to the best path to reach your business goals.

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We are looking forward to help your business in Canada!